What is the Temuka Colour Canter?


The Temuka Colour Canter, is an approximately 5km long fun run/walk passing through colour stations along the way, it starts and finishes at the Oval in the Temuka Domain.  It is an event for people of all ages and abilities so there is no major preparation needed. 

The Temuka Colour Canter is all about making memories and having a colour filled fun afternoon with friends and families, so, there are no race times, but you are more than welcome to take your own if you are a competitive Colour Canterer!


How does it work?


Your boring old 5km fun run this is not.  You will be travelling through seven colour stations along the way where you will be doused in coloured powder (don’t worry we’ve checked out that it is safe). 

This will also be one of the most scenic events of this type you will find.  The course follows the tree lined Domain Avenue, taking in views of our picturesque golf course and back through the Temuka Domain for the Colour Canter finishing party complete with band and a variety of food stalls.  Just be aware there are some patches of uneven terrain along the course (see, we told you it wasn’t boring!)                            


What is a colour station?


This is where the magic happens!  A colour station is the area that participants pass through and are doused in coloured powder allowing them cross the finish line looking something like a rainbow!  We have seven of these stations along the way.

The colours are 100% non-toxic starch powder that is safe for the skin.

Rules / Guidelines

Absolutely none! 

Yeah Nah, we’re just kidding.  Of course we have some, but, there aren’t many so we would appreciate it if you followed them.

  1. All participants must follow marshals/officials instructions

  2. All participants must stay on the marked course

  3. All participants must understand that there are risks and hazards involved with events and enter this event knowing as such

  4. All participants must attend the pre-event briefing

  5. All participants must understand that there are no refunds

  6. All participants must have fun


Saturday 27th October 2018 at 3.00pm starting at the Temuka Domain



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